A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Ultra Cool should be something along the lines of Super Hot, but as a top-down, mouse-aiming shooter. Also within the 64x64 pixel limit for the lowrez jam.

This game is made with Godot game engine.

Graphics made with Piskel & GIMP

Sound made with LMMS & SFXr

Font used: Wendy

The github repository for Ultra Cool can be found here, if you want to dive in and try it in its current state at any given time (requires Godot 2.0.1 or higher).

The game is available for download for Windows, Mac, & Linux, in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

The OSX build of the game is confirmed to be broken. Until it can be fixed, the Mac version of the game will be unavailable for download.

There are still some known issues with the game crashing and/or freezing up. As the deadline for the competition draws nearer, I simply don't have the time to hunt these down. I'm just biting the bullet and hoping it doesn't turn players off too quickly.


Take control of the little blue guy, and shoot as many of the little red guys as you can before they shoot you. It's just that simple!

w, a, s, d: Run up left down & right

mouse aim: aim your shots with the mouse pointer

left click: fire bullets (or whatever they are)

e: Hop-Swap (switch places with an enemy you are pointing at and have line of sight to)

esc: Pause the game & bring up the pause menu

Install instructions

The whole game is packaged into one tidy executable. Just run the file and enjoy!


ultracool_win32.exe 27 MB
ultracool_win64.exe 34 MB
ultracool_linux32 22 MB
ultracool_linux64 23 MB


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Hey man. Chris here. Do you have an email where I can contact you directly?

[4/17/16] I am putting the lid on this thing, and calling Ultra Cool a finished game. Grab a copy from the downloads above. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your neighbors' cats!

A big thanks to everyone who helped and supported the development of this game. It wouldn't have happened without you! THANK YOU

Nines?! This is me, CHRIS! I didn't expect you released a game. :

Long time no see!

I've taken my sweet time at it, but yeah, I think I finally finished something!

Hey man! Glad to hear it from you! I'm getting the hang of it with Python. I'm just renting a PC outside so I can't do dev that much. I have a tablet that I can study Python thou. How are you doing man? I'm visiting ##bathwater but you're also absent. lol

I'm working with Xbox now as a chat support representative. Got access to cool games for free! :

##bathwater has still been a pretty quiet place. But I am still in there while I'm working on game stuff. Keep poking your head in there, you will catch me sooner or later!

Why not have a place where I can chat you regularly? I checked Blender forums and I think you deleted your profile? Why won't us get in touch via email instead? Mine is leonworx@gmail.com.

[4/15/16] I have dropped the ball on updating this page. Worry not, though! A lot of things have been added, and I should have something playable here by the weekend.

[4/5/16] I converted (mostly) everything from my prototype into something that will be a little more robust. Some engine limitations have led me to trimming a few features off lest their inclusion becomes too much of a time sink.

We now have some level layout, some redshirts to gib, and the movement/aiming controls are finally starting to feel decent to play with.

Posted a (crappy) animated gif showing the new, less-placeholderish, art.

Next, the crunch to give those little red guys some AI and have them shoot back at you, as well as incorporate some HUD elements such as score/ammo count/whatever else comes up.

[4/2/16] Posted a short video on the youtubes, showing progress on day 1. The tone of the game is quickly becoming...strange. I think I like it.