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Hey man. Chris here. Do you have an email where I can contact you directly?

[4/17/16] I am putting the lid on this thing, and calling Ultra Cool a finished game. Grab a copy from the downloads above. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your neighbors' cats!

A big thanks to everyone who helped and supported the development of this game. It wouldn't have happened without you! THANK YOU

Nines?! This is me, CHRIS! I didn't expect you released a game. :

Long time no see!

I've taken my sweet time at it, but yeah, I think I finally finished something!

Hey man! Glad to hear it from you! I'm getting the hang of it with Python. I'm just renting a PC outside so I can't do dev that much. I have a tablet that I can study Python thou. How are you doing man? I'm visiting ##bathwater but you're also absent. lol

I'm working with Xbox now as a chat support representative. Got access to cool games for free! :

##bathwater has still been a pretty quiet place. But I am still in there while I'm working on game stuff. Keep poking your head in there, you will catch me sooner or later!

Why not have a place where I can chat you regularly? I checked Blender forums and I think you deleted your profile? Why won't us get in touch via email instead? Mine is

[4/15/16] I have dropped the ball on updating this page. Worry not, though! A lot of things have been added, and I should have something playable here by the weekend.

[4/5/16] I converted (mostly) everything from my prototype into something that will be a little more robust. Some engine limitations have led me to trimming a few features off lest their inclusion becomes too much of a time sink.

We now have some level layout, some redshirts to gib, and the movement/aiming controls are finally starting to feel decent to play with.

Posted a (crappy) animated gif showing the new, less-placeholderish, art.

Next, the crunch to give those little red guys some AI and have them shoot back at you, as well as incorporate some HUD elements such as score/ammo count/whatever else comes up.

[4/2/16] Posted a short video on the youtubes, showing progress on day 1. The tone of the game is quickly becoming...strange. I think I like it.